Apartment Tour - Main Living Spaces

Before I introduce my apartment, there are a few things you should know: 1) We're po'.  My husband, Alex, and I are newlyweds and I'm fresh out of college.  95% of the things we own are either childhood pieces, junky college finds, or wedding presents.  I tried to creatively reuse as much as I could to save money and also because...

2) We're treehuggers.  We're dirty, recycling, planet-loving liberals.  I'm pretty sure Alex's blood is actually green, not red.  I tried to reuse, recycle, or donate as much as I could while I was designing/decorating our first married home.

3) This apartment was Alex and his brother's bachelor pad for 2+ years before I moved in.  And though I love Alex and Dylan dearly, they're slobs.  The place was a pigpen.  We're renters but I had to take some drastic measures (aka paint) to cover all of the boy dirt.

So here goes:

The entry hall - a console table (a lovely wedding gift from Target), topped with hardcover books from my collection, ceramic birds leftover from our wedding, reused glassware from my parents' old bar, and a few other accessories we already had.  The artwork is an interior rendering done by my maternal grandmother - she studied Interior Design at the Rhode Island School of Design in the 1930s.  The frame was my graduation gift from Alex.

Living Room (before on top, after on bottom) part 1 - Alex's brother took most of their living room furniture when he moved so we splurged on a sleeper sofa from Bassett.  The recliner and floor lamp are some of the most obvious remnants from Alex's bachelorhood but they remain (for now...); the other chair was a gift to ourselves from Ikea. The coffee table and nesting side tables belonged to my family when I was growing up and both need to be repaired.  The mirror we purchased from Target but I would like to eventually invest in one that is more proportional to the length of the couch.  Though it's still not perfect, the living room feels drastically lighter, brighter, and more open with the updated furnishings.

Living room Part 2 - This view, opposite the couch, shows the front of our Ikea Stockholm Chair, my Ikea floor lamp from college, media center from Target purchased with wedding money, with college gallery frames with personal artwork and photographs from friends above the television.   On the adjacent wall, a beautiful piece by my uncle, Ted Lind, above other gifted artwork.

Dining Room (before on top, after on bottom) part 1 - We brought in my college table, added new trimmings, and paired it with my childhood storage cabinet which had been part of a set built from a kit by my dad in the 1960s.  The painting belonged to my grandfather; the fruit bowl was a wedding gift (from Pottery Barn) and the other accessories/candles we already had.

Dining room part 2 - Again, this is my college table from Ikea with a new table cloth, placemats, and napkins with our wedding candles as centerpieces.  The shelves on the wall are on loan from my sister (purchased from Ikea), with gifted frames and canisters on the bottom shelf, inherited painted tray and plate with other assorted items we had/were given on the top shelf.

Kitchen (before on top, after on bottom) - The landlord redid the kitchen after the before picture was taken and though the finishes still aren't exactly to my taste, it functions.  The arrangements on the bar are votive candles in $6 vases we bought for our wedding, nestled in river rocks.  The kitchen is currently decked out in the multitude of UVa decor we've been given for lack of a better alternative, but overall it feels a lot homier (and cleaner!) than it did before.

Those are the main living areas in our 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment.  More pictures to come!