The Lucidity of Bees

Like most people, I wear lots metaphorical hats in life.  I'm a wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin, friend, Christian, treehugger, artist, leader, "childcare provider"...and then I have my design hats.  Sometimes I'm an architectural designer, other times an interior designer, and occasionally a graphic designer, photographer, and web designer.   Today I put on my graphic design and artist hats and tried my hand at some book cover art.  Ian Kraft, a friend of mine from church growing up, has authored several books and when he recently made a public request for cover art for his latest book, I jumped at the opportunity to add "cover artist" to my collection of hats.  Ian's newest piece is called "An Enlightening Lie about the Lucidity of Bees."  Ian had asked for a loosely drawn side view of a bee on a flower, similar in style to John Lennon's "Imagine" album cover art.  After learning that Ian preferred something in black and white, I immediately thought of a few of the pen drawings I had done in Italy a few years ago (like the one below of the Campo in Sienna):

I love the motion and energy that quick pen drawings like this encapsulate.  After a few tries with a chisel tip pen, this is what I came up with for Ian:

I think that the quick sweeping motion and looseness of the lines are quite evocative.  While the general lack of detail leaves some to the imagination, the gestural lines still clearly suggest the shape of the flower and bee.  I also made the decision to keep the bee hovering rather than resting on the flower itself as I felt it was more in keeping with the movement of the drawing style.  The text was something I added for my own portfolio but I used a text style that Ian has used on past covers for consistency's sake.  Though Ian is still editing this particular book, you can find his other works here.

If I can help you with any of your design needs, please let me know.  Clearly, I have lots of hats that need to be put to good use.