Branding. Literally.

Because I've been doing a little more freelance work lately, I decided that it's time for a business card.  After doing some "branding" work for my photographer friend, Ben Hallissy, I began the process of designing a logo of my own. When I was brainstorming names for my blog, I was inspired by my grandfather's name for his ranch style house, Circle G Ranch (the G is for our family name, Gilchrist).  Thus, Circle G Designs.  I also knew that, conveniently, my family had a literal "Circle G" for cattle.  Yes.  I knew that I absolutely had to incorporate it into a logo.

I toyed with several ways to translate the literal brand into a logo by perhaps branding a piece of plywood or tracing it (believe me, I was absolutely not going to brand an animal).  Yesterday, I settled on painting the brand and stamping it.

I started with some black acrylic paint and used a paint brush to coat the bottom of the brand.

I then applied the brand to some computer paper, applied pressure for about 30 seconds, and removed.

The result was this beautiful, vintage looking imprint.  I scanned it in, cropped it down, and came up with this logo design:

The clean lines of modified Century Gothic typeface contrasted against the organic, weathered appearance of the brand creates visual interest while the vertical nature of the text throughout creates a cohesive appearance.  The incorporation of the family brand adds an additional level of personality and meaning to the logo overall.  In terms of usage, I can see myself using the brand stamp alone for things like watermarks and the full logo on business cards, letterheads, etc.   I'm looking forward to creating my business card, revamping this site, and all of the future marketing possibilities this logo brings.  So, do you like it?