Cookout Anyone?

I've been busy working, unpacking, traveling in and out of town with work, and visiting with family but...I wanted to stop in and give a quick update.  Alex and I went on a little bit of a shopping spree at Target last night and we gave our new deck a small makeover.

The deck - before: a lonely grill.

We brought the homeowner's table up from the concrete patio below, bought an gray umbrella, and added some navy blue outdoor accent pillows.

The candle arrangement is intended to tie the blue and the gray together.  The pattern on the navy blue candle echoes the pattern on the pillows.  The silver perforated candle holder ties in the gray while adding a little bit of shine to the table.  It also relates to the perforated surface of the iron table and chairs.  Oh, and did I mention it looks incredible with the candle lit in the dark?  The third candle in the back is to complete the arrangement -- it's also a citronella candle to keep the bugs away.

In this direction, the grill that we're borrowing from the homeowners and a bamboo table that we had on our patio at our apartment.  We'll eventually put plants in those pots - at least for awhile until I accidentally kill them.

The concrete blocks are actually from one of my third year Architecture school projects.  Though they are ridiculously heavy, I like their sculptural quality.

That's it for now -- I hope to post more unpacking progress photos later.  At least our deck is unpacked -- cookout anyone?