Mini Outdoor Makeovers

I'm on a roll, so one more post -- last weekend, we did a little work outside.  Our mailbox in particular was in need of a little TLC.

The black paint was flaking off and the address was a little hard to read (though I  blurred it out here for privacy purposes).

I removed the mailbox and unsuccessfully tried to scrape some of the letters off.  I did however, tape over the parts I didn't want to paint and temporarily removed the red flag.

A few coats of black spray paint later and voile.

I added a few ("deer-resistant") plants on the driveway side and put mulch down around the post.  I also got some black address numbers and screwed them to the driveway side of the post.  It makes me smile every time I come home :).

I did a few other small projects - like plant this mum in organic potting soil on the deck.

I also turned this galvanized tub into a planter by drilling holes in the bottom for drainage.  The herbs are already looking pretty sad - hopefully they last a little longer.