Merry Christmas!

Merry (Belated) Christmas! I hope you had a nice holiday with family and friends.  There's been a lot going on here (obviously) but I wanted to chime in with the Christmas letter I threw together.

The text says:

This year, together we... Celebrated our first anniversary | Moved (again!) just outside of Charlottesville | Gained a sister-in-law | Became aunt/uncle to a nephew and niece! | Visited with friends and family in Virginia, North Carolina, and New Hampshire | Welcomed younger sister and fellow Wahoo, Amy, to Charlottesville | Bought an organic mattress | Hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner!

This year, Lauren... Helped secure $85,000 in local funding for programs intended to serve mentally-ill ex-offenders through Charlottesville’s faith-based social justice organization, IMPACT | Got her first full-time job working at a local architecture firm| Switched gears and joined Americorps VISTA to do resource development work with Habitat for Humanity Virginia, an organization which provides support services for Virginia Habitat affiliates| Started a design blog for fun | Made strides in moving her family out of their Annandale, VA home | Traveled to Alabama and Georgia | Bought a sewing machine! | Cut her hair short for the first time since age 3

This year, Alex... Continued his efforts to save the world through energy modeling with 2rw Consultants in Charlottesville (going on year 5!)| Added “Green Church Committee Chair” to his list of extracurriculars (amongst Bell Choir, Church Outreach, Pastor/Parish Relations, and Wesley Foundation Property Committee Chair, just to name a few) | Visited brother, Aaron, in Louisiana | Skied on both water and snow | Began carpooling to work | Maintained his “2 meat-meals” a week regiment | Pined over electric cars and all things Google, Android, and Apple


LOVE, Alex & Lauren Chapin (& cat, Freckles)