Outdoor Updates

Several weeks ago, we took the plunge and ordered all new fiberglass exterior windows and doors for our house.  The windows on the house now have a whole slew of issues.  They're original aluminum sliders.  Many won't lock, are fogged, and all are serious thermal bridges bringing unnecessary heat and cold into the house.  The exterior doors are pretty awful as well.  The one on the front is scratched and difficult to open.  The rear door still shows signs of a break in that occurred a couple years ago while the house was vacant.  The door to the garage has a two inch gap underneath it and is not fire rated. Last night we were thrilled to hear that our new windows/doors will be installed next week.  Maybe soon our house will no longer be the ugliest one in the neighborhood?


Here's what I'm thinking we'll do at the top of the stoop:Image

In terms of colors:

A. A peacock blue/teal paint on the new front door (1.)

B. Gray/brushed nickel hardware

C. White trim, similar to what we already have

D. Fresh greenery near the door

E. Black metal accents

For the basics:

1. A semi-traditional six panel ProVia door for added architectural interest in a current color, while maintaining the style of the home (I originally wanted a flat panel door but the salesman talked me out of it)

2. Modern house numbers in black to contrast the white paneling behind.  These are black ribbon anodized numbers from West On.

3. A new brushed nickel wall sconce in a transitional style to match the brushed nickel hardware on the door.  This one is a Kichler Seaside Outdoor Wall Lantern.

4. A hearty cold weather (or artificial) outdoor succulent.  Image found here.

5. A brushed nickel peep hole from ProVia, embedded in the door of course.

6. We'll leave the brick as it is, since no one else in our neighborhood has painted brick.

7.  Brushed nickel doorknobs to dress up the teal door.

8. Your basic terracotta planter for the succulent(s).

9. A new coat of black paint on our wrought iron railing.  Image found here.

What do you all think?

The next big job will be ripping out those huge bushes and re-landscaping the yard. Unfortunately, that may have to wait until next summer.