Alex in a Box

Happy Valentine's Day!  In celebration of my Valentine, Alex, I'm sharing some photos of his office at work -- a space I tried to tailor to his unique personality. If you know Alex, you know that he is a passionate, educated, earth-loving, sports & gadget-obsessed, Civil-turned-Energy Engineer.  And no, I'm sure his 6'4" frame does not easily fit in your average box.  That's not what happened.  What did occur --some time ago now -- was an experiment where I unsuccessfully attempted to artfully arrange items that I thought were representative of him in this black photography box/tray.  Clearly, he could not be contained.

AlexInABox copy copy

Items that I selected included a vintage Erector set and mechanical design books (for his engineering spirit); a bowl made of recycled paper, recycled beer bottle glasses, and recycled light bulbs (ever the conservator); mementos from his time at the University of Virginia and travels; a golf box and sports poster (the sports enthusiast); his diploma and certifications; and of course, a picture from our wedding.

All of these items were earmarked to go with him to work.


Before - Desk

His office, which is far more generous than your average cubicle, was relatively bare to start.


Before - Wall


Before - Entry



With the addition of his things, it's feeling a bit more like Alex in there these days.


Pops of red around the room help add some life and color to the space.


Items like his childhood coke bottle collection and diploma distinguish the room as his own.


And, my favorite part of the room by far are these hanging recycled light bulb vases.  Because he deals with energy at work (and loves to recycle), this just seemed like a perfect addition to the space.  To make them, I followed this tutorial from  To hang them, I carefully tied and secured string to each bulb, suspended them from the drop ceiling, and filled them with a very minimal amount of water.


Unique touches for my unique husband.