Living Within Your Means

10 years of my 25 year life were spent in pursuit of a career in Architecture until I realized that a life spent drafting in front of a computer was not the life for me.  Last fall, after taking most of the summer off to soul search and renovate our kitchen, I was still feeling lost when my mom suggested that I look into working as a professional organizer/downsizing consultant since I seem to have a knack for spatial reorganization and furniture layouts.  In November, I was able to connect with a local Certified Professional Organizer/Certified Relocation Transition Specialist and have been working with her as an independent contractor (and loving it) ever since.  Thanks, Mom! I recently took another step in this direction and decided to join the National Association of Professional Organizers.  With this latest life development, I was excited to see this post from Apartment Therapy pop up on my RSS feed the other day.  I love how Amelia Meena of Appleshine Lifestyle Organization defines "living within your means."  I have always thought about this phrase in regard to financial means --- but it makes so much sense to apply it to your space!  I've seen so many episodes of House Hunters where families move to accommodate their excess possessions, sure to continue collecting more and more until they have to move again.  So many resources could be conserved if we all made a better effort to live within our means (and stay organized!).

Thanks Amelia, and Apartment Therapy, for sharing!