Only in Pittsburgh

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In Pittsburgh, we have a little something called a Pittsburgh Potty.  Sometimes it’s just a potty, sometimes it’s a full on powder room, and occasionally, there’s a shower involved.  Generally speaking though, a Pittsburgh Potty is a toilet in the basement or garage.  We first learned of the concept when we were house shopping and noticed that all of the MLS listings had a little line that said “Pittsburgh Potty: Y/N.”  Most of the houses we toured had one and from what we saw, sometimes the potty is just sitting in the middle of the basement and sometimes it has its own room.  I've been told they were intended for steel or coal workers to use to “wash up” before entering the house (how you “wash up” with just a toilet, I don’t really care to know).  Lucky for us, ours came in the form of a little powder room with a sink off the garage.


Our Pittsburgh Potty can only be accessed from the garage and since we’re really the only ones who use it, I decided it would be a good opportunity to do a little experiment and use up some leftover chalkboard paint from our kitchen and guest bedroom.

The door

Of course, the door had to be indicative of the magic inside.



Nothing dresses up a Pittsburgh Potty like chalk molding and gold spray painted gallery frames.

I pulled the frames from my collection of old frames, revamped them, and filled them with wallpaper remnants and free printables.

Over the commode, I spray painted and hung an old plastic shelf that we inherited from the previous owners to hold necessities. 

The cost of this makeover?  About $3 for those hand towels.  Yep, $3 for the most spectacular potty in all of Pittsburgh.  Be jealous!